SharePoint DSC is Released

The latest version of the SharePoint DSC module has been released this last Wednesday, October 5th. You can now obtain the latest bits of the module by running:

Install-Module SharePointDSC

If you wish to update the configurations on a given SharePoint farm to run these latest bits, make sure each .MOF file is first recompiled using the latest package and that the new module bits are copied to every server in the farm.

Here are some of the major changes that were introduced in this version:

  • SPServiceIdentity: A new DSC Resource has been introduced in the module to represent the managed account that is assigned to a service instance.
  • SPWebAppSiteUseAndDeletion: Fixed an issue with the scheduling where is was incorrectly setting the delays in weeks instead of in days.
  • SPWebAppGeneralSettings: Fixed an issue where web applications that weren’t assigned a TimeZone were incorrectly returning -1 instead of $null.
  • SPProductUpdate: Fixed an issue for updating a SharePoint 2013 farm were the resource was always complaining that the farm was missing the OSearch16 (SharePoint 2016 version).
  • Several other fixes related to the Get-TargetResource methods not properly returning values.

Along with the SharePointDSC release, the SharePoint Orchestrator script for ReverseDSC, which allows you to extract the configuration out of an existing SharePoint 2013 or 2016 farm, has also been updated. To leanr more about what is new in the ReverseDSC Orchestrator Script, take a look at my previous blog post What’s New With SharePointDSC.Reverse

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