SharePoint 2013 Search Capacity Planner

So you want to build a SharePoint 2013 Search environment and you’re having a hard time figuring out what servers you’ll need to build you farm? Well I’ve got just the thing you need. Based off Microsoft’s Technet article about capacity planning for SharePoint 2013 Search comes the Search Capacity Planner app! This is a custom SharePoint-Hosted app I built, and that lets you figure out details about what is the recommended architecture for your search farm based on the number of items you are trying to index. Not only does it automatically tells you how many servers you need, but it tells you what there role should be, what their specifications are, and it estimates the time taken for a Full crawl to complete. I will be submitting the app for free in the coming week, so that you can all deploy it in your organizations. All I have to say is enjoy!




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