PFE Ramblings: Future of AutoSPInstaller and SharePointDSC

My colleague and friend Brian Lalancette and I sat down and recorded an informal discussion on what the future holds for SharePointDSC and AutoSPInstaller. This recording is by no stretch of the imagination a professional podcast. Brian and I just reflected on what the upcoming release of SharePoint 2019 means for both product, and what direction both community supported tools is taking. During the recording which lasts about 21 minutes, we give shout outs to Andi Kruger for his AutoSPToSharePointDSC tool that lets you convert an AutoSPInstaller XML file into a SharePointDSC script, and to SysKit for their SPDocKit that lets you extract AutoSPInstaller XML from an existing SharePoint environment. We also mention the SharePoint orchestrator for ReverseDSC, which lets you extract a complete PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) script out of an existing SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019 farm along with its configuration data, making it very easy for you to upgrade between versions of the product and to replicate your existing farms into another environment.

PFE Ramblings

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