Cloud LCM – Prototype for DSC-as-a-Service

I’ve been experimenting over the past few weeks with a project I’ve been planning to work on for years now. It is this concept of being able to deploy PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) in a server-less mode. In any traditional DSC project, the actual configuration gets executed by a local service that comes with […]

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Office365DSC – Release (October 2019)

While my blog has been quiet for the past month and a half, the team and I have been on the contrary, extremely busy working on the Office365DSC project. We have recently released version onto the PowerShell gallery, which is packed with new features and improvements. To learn more about what is new with […]

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My SharePoint Conference 2019 Session is Now on PluralSight!

Last May, my colleague Brian Lalancette and I presented at the 2019 SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. Our session’s title was IT Pros, get relevant now! and it has been recorded and made available on PluralSight. You can find the recording of our session at The session discusses the future of the AutoSPInstaller project, […]

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DevOPS for SharePoint Admins

I am sitting in the speakers room at the European Collaboration Summit as I am writing this blog article, just finished giving a talk on DevOPS for SharePoint Admins here in Wiesbaden, Germany. The session I delivered was focused around building a completely automated Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline to automate the deployment of […]

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