Office365DSC – Release (October 2019)

While my blog has been quiet for the past month and a half, the team and I have been on the contrary, extremely busy working on the Office365DSC project. We have recently released version onto the PowerShell gallery, which is packed with new features and improvements. To learn more about what is new with the tool, I recommend you watch the announcements video below.

9 thoughts on “Office365DSC – Release (October 2019)

  1. Thank you for this great work. Will you, at some point, sign the modules (Get-Help about_Signing) so it is no longer needed to Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted? E.g. ReverseDSC.Core.psm1 cannot be loaded. The file ReverseDSC\\ReverseDSC.Core.psm1 is not digitally signed

  2. Hey Nik. Love the direction this is going. This is my first go at it. Having an issue running Test-DscConfiguration and Start-DscConfiguration (running against SPOSearchManagedProperty). Essentially getting “PowerShell DSC resource MSFT_SPOSearchManagedProperty failed to execute Test-TargetResource functionality with error message: Can’t create Authorization header”. Seen this before? Tried just about everything I can think of in terms of rights, etc.

    1. Hi David,

      I have seen this before whenever the account incorrectly issues an authentication challenge. Are you able to properly call into Connect-PnPOnline with the same credentials, are you able to connect? Try closing the PowerShell console in between each run as it tends to cache settings. Also, is the account MFA enabled or not? Thanks

      1. So I am able to call Connect-PnPOnline with the same credential. MFA is disabled.

  3. Hi Nic,

    Couple questions because this looks like something that could be very valuable for our org.

    • Is this fully open-sourced and free for enterprise use?
    • Is there available support / how is it maintained?
    • Is configuration manager a pre-req?

    1. Hi Ryan,

      The project is licensed under the MIT license, so as far as I am concerned, it is completely free for enterprise use, yes. Supportability is always a slippery slope for OSS project. While this project is lead by several Microsoft Engineers, it is still ultimately a community project. When you open an issue on GitHub, you are reaching to our engineers directly, and we will do our best to get back to you within the next 24 hours where possible. There are no official support statement from Microsoft or anyone else however, so this is very important for folks to understand from the get go.

      Finally, no, Config Manager is not a prerequisite. This solely relies on the PowerShell DSC engine, so the only true prerequisite is a machine that has PowerShell 4.0+ installed on it. Thanks

      1. Thanks for the quick reply Nik. Appreciate the quick response and work on this. It’s definitely something we’ve been looking for.

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