Government of Canada Master Page for SharePoint 2013

As part of my day to day job, I am responsible for maintaining my organization’s Internet SharePoint 2010 publishing environment.ā€‹ The Government of Canada has a standard template that each departments need to follow and implement on their sites, so that each site will look the same. There is a central group in the government, called the Web Experience Toolkit Team (a.k.a. WET team) that is responsible for providing prebuilt modules that have been tested against the accessibility standards of the Government of Canada. As a SharePoint Developer, my job in the past has been to convert the HTML template provided by that team into a flexible SharePoint 2010 master page. In an effort to update my master page to the 2013 version of the WET template, I have created a new section in our existing GitHub project and added the alpha version of the 2013 Master Page.

My solution consists of two files, a SharePoint 2013 HTML master page, and a wsp sandboxed solution. The sandbox solution, once activated, deploys all the resources provided by the WET team (css, js, images) into the style library. I strongly encourage you to try it out and to provide me with your comments. Afterall, it’s a community effort!


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