Changing SharePoint List Template Language


When creating a list template within a variation site, the list template gets tagged with the site’s language it was creating in, and prevents the users from using it within a site that has a different variation label. E.G. a list template created within an English site cannot reused as a template to create the same list in a French site.


A list template is represented by a .stp file. When saving a list as a template in SharePoint, a .stp file gets created at the site collection’s list template document library. A .stp file is nothing more than a .cab file containing a single manifest.xml file containing information about the list instance and about its associated list items. By default, the manifest file gets tagged with its parent site’s language id. This prevents the list from being made available in sites having a different language id (e.g. different variation label).;


Start off by extracting the manifest file from your .stp:
1 – Rename your .stp file to .cab;
2 – Double click on your .cab file to browse its files. In there you should only see a single file, manifest.xml



3 – Double click on the manifest.xml file, and when prompted, pick a location to extract it.
4 – In windows explorer, browse to the location where you extracted the file, and open your manifest.xml file with an editing tool such as notepad;
5 – In there, look for the XML tag <Language>. This is where you specify to what variation label your template applies. In my example, the value was 1033 for English;


6 – Modify the Language tag’s value to reflect the id of the language you want. In my case, I wanted the template to display in French, so I changed its value to 1036.
7 –Save your modified .xml file;
8 – Open a new command prompted window;
9 – Browse to the folder where your modified .xml file is located;
10 – Type in makecab manifext.xml [pick a name].stp . This command will repackage a new .stp file containing the language changes you specified.



11 – Browse back to the list template gallery in SharePoint, where you first downloaded the .stp template file. Upload your newly created .stp file created at step #10;
12 – Voilà, you are done! Your list template is now accessible in the alternate variation label!

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