Speaker at SPTechCon Boston in August 2015

When I started giving talks at conference about SharePoint back in early 2010, I never had the chance to attend the other sessions much because I was mostly focusing on finalizing mine. The very first conference I attended to as an attendee was SPTechCon in Boston, in October 2010, and then in June in 2011. I just remember sitting in these sessions listening to the amazing lineup of speakers and thinking to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if somehow I could manage to speak at this event at one point in my career. Well, last week I got an email from the organizing committee confirming that 2 of my PowerShell for SharePoint sessions had been selected, and that I was officially confirmed as a speaker for SPTechCon Boston on August 24th! To top it off, I will be presenting alongside some of the best speakers this conference has ever known. Please make sure you go an register to this amazing event! Using offer code Charlebois, receive 200$ off your registration. My two sessions at the event are:

1 – Automating SharePoint with PowerShell
2 – PowerShell: Bridging the Gap between Developers and IT Pros

I hope to see many of you in Boston!

PowerShell Script to Download all Build 2015 and Ignite 2015 Recordings

As I do every time when a major Microsoft event happens somewhere in the world, the first thing I look up on the internet after the first day of the event is a script that will allow me to download all sessions’ recordings. Build 2015 and Ignite 2015 are no exceptions, as of the second day of the Ignite conference, Michel de Rooij put up his own downloader PowerShell script on the Technet Gallery. All credits go to Michel!