Listing All Available PowerShell Snapins

This is a very useful tip for anybody wanting to mess around with Powershell and discover new ways of automating their work. By default, any Powershell session you open will automatically ​load the Microsoft.PowerShell.Core snapin. This snapin includes most of common core cmdlets to allow users to quickly get started with their scripts. The method we’re interested in is the Get-PSSnapin cmdlet, which returns a list of available cmdlets. If you were to execute this cmdlet and not pass it any parameters, it will automatically list all the Snapins that are currently loaded in the session. (See Figure 1)


Figure 1 – Listing all loaded PowerShell Snapins

Now, if we wish to get a list of all Snapins that are available to us, we can simply add the -Registered parameter (see Figure 2). This will automatically list all snapins that you can use in your session. You can load a new snapin in your current session by using the Add-PSSnapin <name of snapin> command.


Figure 2 – Listing all registered PowerShell Snapins


I am a Newly Awarded Microsoft MVP

I know my blog has been pretty quiet over the last few weeks, but I am out in vacation with the whole family in sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina​. While I was relaxing and taking some well deserved time off, I received an e-mail from Microsoft informing me that I had been awarded the status of Microsoft MVP. I cannot be more psyched about this! I am extremely proud to be part of this geek community, and can’t being to describe how much I feel honored to have been awarded this. Please keep posted for more PowerShell/SharePoint/Office 365 goodies on my blog. I will make sure to write tons of articles as soon as I am back in town!

Nik Charlebois – Microsoft MVP